PFA Conference 2019 - Presentations


PFA Conference 2019

The PFA Conference 2019 contained an outstanding line-up of speakers who addressed the theme:

Critical Change - Crisis, challenge or catalyst for property investment?

Property markets may be considered stable, but Critical Change is still occurring. International politics, trade and capital flows are in flux. Corporate takeover activity is evident. New financing sources are developing. Alternative asset classes are looking less alternative. The PFA Conference for 2019 will review the activity in global and local markets and examine whether the current times are a crisis, challenge or catalyst for property investment. Join us to hear from leading industry experts on how this stable market may not be so stable after all.

The Conference program, with presentations available for review, was:​ 

Monday 6 May 2019

David Harrison, Managing Director and Group CEO, Charter Hall

Australian Market Makers – What’s creating the catalyst for growth?
This presentation is unavailable

Simon Garing, Acting Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, Cromwell EREIT Management

International Markets – Are the challenges creating crises or catalysts?

Justin Smirk, Director – Senior Economist, Westpac Institutional Bank

Economic Flux? – Critical changes or strategic stability?

Penny Ransom, Group Executive, Head of Investment Management, Investa Property Group

The Challenge of Change – Managing M&A

Campbell Hanan, Head of Office & Industrial, Mirvac

Recreating Core Assets – How to respond to critical change

Richard Brookes, National Director, Cushman & Wakefield Agribusines

Buying the Farm? – The challenges of corporatisation

Chris Smith, Head of Healthcare Property, Australian Unity

A Healthy Sector? – Challenges of sustainable growth

Rob de Vos, Head of Property, Arena REIT

Growing Alternative Assets – Challenges and opportunities


Tuesday 7 May 2018

Tony Moussa, Director, Debt Advisory Services, KPMG

Funding Challenges – The catalyst for change and expansion

David O’Connor, Investment Director, MaxCap Group

Overcoming Tradition – Opportunities for alternative lending

Melissa Kingham, Director, MAK Property Advisors

Fund Financials – Managing investor expectations








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