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Special thanks go to MSCI, Zenith Investment Partners and Australian Unity who have contributed their time and resources to publish the Property Investment Factsheets

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Atchison Research


Atchison Consultants is providing the PFA with research commentary.  Please find the latest reports as follows:



Clean Energy Finance Corporation

Australia’s property sector is being urged to use readily available existing technologies to improve the long-term prospects for their properties, in a broader industry push towards net zero carbon buildings.

A new report from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) and consultants Norman Disney & Young (NDY) identifies 50 best practice initiatives that can be used across a wide variety of new and existing properties. The initiatives reflect the insights of major investors across the property sector, many of whom are at the forefront of Australia’s clean energy transition.

CEFC property sector lead Chris Wade said the property sector was uniquely placed to be a major driver of energy efficiency, lower emissions and increased sustainability in Australia.

“Property accounts for almost a quarter of Australia’s carbon emissions, confirming there is a pressing need for action in this area. Through this report, we are highlighting a wide range of clean energy technologies that currently aren’t prescribed by the National Construction Code, but which are proven, readily available and can be deployed immediately,” Mr Wade said.

“Importantly, these clean energy solutions offer property owners the potential to unlock billions of dollars in ongoing energy savings, and deliver positive investment returns. Two thirds of the initiatives have a payback period of less than 10 years, demonstrating the very strong commercial benefits of clean energy.”

The report can be accessed through this link: Energy in Buildings: 50 Best Practice Initiatives

It details clean energy opportunities across a wide range of buildings, from offices, retail and hotels to industrial (e.g. warehouse, manufacturing and logistics), healthcare (e.g. hospitals and laboratories), common living (e.g. aged care and student accommodation) and education.

For more information please see the media release and for further queries please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone the media line on 0457 732 219.


PCA/IPD Australia Property Index

PFA is a proud sponsor of the PCA/IPD Wholesale and Retail Fund Indices.  The indices provide return performance based on: post and pre-fee bases, NAV and GAV weights, return type and property sector fund type.  The indices allow managers and investors to benchmark the performance of their funds and investments.  IPD also produces the PCA/IPD Australian Commercial Property Index.  This index covers c.65% of the Australian commercial property market providing capital, income and total returns for office, retail, industrial and other sectors on a quarterly basis. 


PFA Research Report on Net Tangible Assets

The PFA commissioned the report Net Tangible Assets - Review of Industry Standard and Usage to understand more about the nexus between NTA and investor value.  For more information please click here.


General Market Research

Research analysts play an integral role in the investment market. Research helps define an investment offering and provides a qualitative assessment of the validity, viability and stability of a particular investment opportunity. Importantly, it allows people who are not expects to undertake a comparative review of the various investment offerings in order that they can make an informed decision.

Research analysts typically issue a rating to each investment opportunity which allows you to measure each investment opportunity. The ratings scale may vary between researchers, but generally they allow a consistent approach to the quality of an investment.

There are a number of well established research houses that provide on going research and ratings reports for PFA Originator members. These research analysts include:

  • PIR
  • Lonsec












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